"The Kind of Care that Millennials have Been Craving"

We all know that having access to a primary care doctor can prevent complications and expenses with your health, but unfortunately, due to a shortage of accessible primary care options, primary care visits are down and urgent care visits are up. While urgent care certainly serves a need, these practices only have time to address acute issues,

and not prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

A recent article in healthline explains this shifting paradigm in medicine. Millennials tend to prefer convenience and transparency in pricing, which is hard to find in traditional primary care practices. Instead, it can take weeks to schedule and appointment, and while in the doctor's office, patients can wait for hours to actually see their doctor (if at all). "Electronic medical records, email, texting, and virtual doctor’s appointments are reshaping health services — with millennials at the forefront of this wave and post-millennials riding not far behind."

Direct Primary Care practices like LevMed are bucking this trend by offering more accessible and affordable care with convenient tools like telemedicine "that millennials crave." "In a recent study, they found that many patients choose a face-to-face for their first visit with a doctor, then opt for video or phone call follow-ups". LevMed conveniently offers both virtual access and same or next business day visits for an affordable monthly fee.

To read the entire article click here or go to the following link https://www.healthline.com/health-news/are-millennials-killing-the-family-doctor#Building-relationships

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