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Ancillary Services 

While LevMed membership includes doctor visits, procedures and ancillary services may require addition fees at competitive rates. 

Joint Injections

Injection of large, intermediate, and small joints may provide therapeutic relief for many common problems.


Skin Tag Removal

Remove annoying and unpleasing benign skin growths. 

Under 5 skin tags $25

5 or over skin tags $50


Laceration Repair

LevMed provides laceration repair, including tissue adhesives, staples, sutures, and skin-closure tapes.


Incisions & Drainage of Abscesses

Incision and drainage of superficial skin infection. 


Shave Biopsy/Skin growth removal

Simple procedure for removing concerning lesions either through shave or liquid nitrogen techniques.  


Medical Marijuana

Dr. Levine is a qualified physician and can certify qualified patients to receive Medical Marijuana.

Initial Visit: $200.00,

(Discount rate of $125.00 for LevMed Health Members)

Re-certification: $100.00

*Please note there is a one time additional charge of $75 for smokable cannabis due to additional paperwork and consent required by the state

Find out more here.


Ear Lavage

Ear irrigation is a routine procedure used to remove excess earwax (cerumen) and foreign materials from the ear.


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