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Good For Business,

Good for Employees 

As health care costs continue to rise, employers are getting hit the hardest. Health care costs continue to outpace wage and inflation growth and have increased by 73% since 2004! This trend is expected to continue with a  5.5% increase in health care costs for employers in 2018. Worse yet, despite the increasing costs, employers are getting less value for what they pay for.

Fortunately, LevMed provides a solution that is not only beneficial for the employees, but good for business. With LevMed, employers can reduce their health care costs as much as 30% while providing employees with an accessible health care advocate who is able to cost effectively address their health care needs.

With a business model centered on preventative medicine, LevMed treats potential issues before they become more complicated and expensive. This reduces costs by avoiding preventable ER, urgent care, and specialist visits. This results is a reduced risk pool in your work force, who are now engaged in preventable health strategies, a more engaged employee because his or her health needs are addressed, and lower absenteeism. These factors all increase employee wellness, which leads to increased employee productivity and efficiency.

For small businesses that are not required to provide insurance to employees, LevMed could serve as an affordable stand-alone benefit for employees. Employees gain the same benefits as discussed above, but through a more affordable option than traditional employer-provided insurance. 

To Learn More About How LevMed's Business Health Care Plans Can Improve Your Business Please Contact Us.
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