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A New Primary Care Experience 

Simplifying Primary Care.

LevMed is a new kind of primary health care experience.

Through our innovative model, LevMed eliminates the "middleman" and the high costs associated with insurance billing and stacks of paperwork, to bring healthcare directly to you. It's healthcare, the way it should be. 

No Insurance Necessary.

Because no insurance is needed to join LevMed, Dr. Levine is able to spend more time with his patients. 

With LevMed, you will actually have access to your own doctor. You're not just another number on a list. 

Together, you and your physician will work to build your healthy future. Get Started

LevMed Advantages

Same or next day appointments

No more waiting weeks and weeks to see your doctor.

Affordable Plans

Membership starts at $40 per month. No co-pays or extra costs for primary care services.

Access to your doctor

Connect with your doctor when you need him most, via phone, e-mail or text. 

No Interference

LevMed does not accept insurance, so our only obligation is to you, the patient. 

LevMed: A Relationship

Between the Doctor and Patient

LevMed is a return to individualized primary and preventative care. We do this by working outside of the insurance industry, where profits are often prioritized over patients, and countless individuals, with no relationship to you, are weighing in on your healthcare decisions.

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