May 9, 2020

Also on the virus front lines: Primary and urgent care doctors

DPC practices like LevMed and the one featured in an article from Kansas City Public Radio are proving that it is still possible to have an affordable and compassionate primary care experience.

"It's really like a blessing. I just wanted a doctor and couldn’t belie...

An article in American Academy of Family Physicians details the growing demand for subscription-based services around the nation including health services like direct primary care. LevMed is proud to be one of St. Petersburg's first DPC providers.  


December 7, 2018

Looking to Save Money in 2019? Consumer Reports lists joining a DPC practice as one of the top five "money moves" of 2018. So while ringing in the New Year, make a resolution to improve your health, and your finances, with one smart move. 

"Joining a dire...

We all know that having access to a primary care doctor can prevent complications and expenses with your health, but unfortunately, due to a shortage of accessible primary care options, primary care visits are down and urgent care visits are up. While urgent care certa...

September 11, 2018

One way of recruiting and keeping good employees is through a competitive benefits package. Many employees will consider not only salary, but also the scope of additional offerings when making an employment decision. As a result, employers should be cognizant of creati...

July 30, 2018

One of the best parts of practicing medicine at LevMed is that we have time to address preventative problems, not just put band-aids on acute issues. Few preventative measures are more important than diet, so you've probably heard me preach the advantages of a


July 23, 2018

The reviews are in! LevMed is incredibly appreciative of members who have taken the time to share their experiences at LevMed. It's genuinely fulfilling to know that I am delivering the type of compassionate, thorough care that made me want to become a doctor in the fi...

July 4, 2018

By now, most of us know that insurance does not equal health care. Instead, insurance often conjures up images of red tape, big companies, unexpected bills and co-pays. Doctors spend the majority of their day trying to navigate the complicated maze of insurance require...

June 7, 2018

LevMed is aware of the strain put on primary care practices by both private and government insurance. LevMed aims to get rid of third-party interference and restore the ever-so-important doctor-patient relationship. 

Direct Primary Care ("DPC") practices like LevMe...

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May 9, 2020

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