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Brain Food

One of the best parts of practicing medicine at LevMed is that we have time to address preventative problems, not just put band-aids on acute issues. Few preventative measures are more important than diet, so you've probably heard me preach the advantages of a

plant-based diet. I'm not saying that you must go vegan or even vegetarian (I couldn't do it myself), but most of our calories should be derived from plants.

This interview from "Fresh Air" has a ton of pearls about Omega-3 Fatty Acids which have been shown to have neurological and cardiology benefits and can easily be attained with a proper diet that has a low impact on the environment. No need for expensive supplements.

"So I feel that a diet that mostly has vegetables and whole grains maybe at the base of the pyramid and then has a little bit of these forage fish, these sardines, anchovies and so forth and a fair amount of these filter feeders like mussels, clams and oysters - that's about the best diet we can get both environmentally and from a health perspective."

Fortunately, living in St. Petersburg, we have all the resources we need to achieve this healthy and environmentally responsible diet. Check out my favorite fresh produce spots, City Produce, Gulfport Produce and Spiros Pasadena Produce, and don't forget Save-On Seafood for the best fresh catch seafood in town (super affordable too). Eat your leafy greens and anchovies!

To listen to the podcast or read the entire article, "The Science — And Environmental Hazards — Behind Fish Oil Supplements," click here.

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