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LevMed: A win-win for employers and employees

Local businesses, like this Maine seafood company are discovering the advantages of teaming up with a local DPC physician. Not only can LevMed save employers money but their work forced is more engaged and healthy with decreased rates of absenteeism.

"The new option is not a substitute for insurance, but Adams hopes his workers, who are mostly healthy, active men in their mid-30s, will seek medical care when they need it, instead of putting it off for fear of incurring uncovered expenses. For more serious needs, including hospitalization, the company’s health insurance plan will provide backup.

Health insurance companies are less likely to raise premiums for businesses whose employees don’t tap heavily into their plans. So keeping workers in good health can pay off in lower insurance rates."

"The reason for doing this is primarily a benefit to our employees,” Adams said. “But we do think they will be healthier, happier and more productive, so we hope there is a benefit to our bottom line as well.”

“I tell my employees it’s absolutely essential to have health insurance,” he said. “But a relationship with your doctor is also important, and that’s been lost to all the insurance regulations and billing issues.”

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