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The Benefits of Direct Primary Care

One way of recruiting and keeping good employees is through a competitive benefits package. Many employees will consider not only salary, but also the scope of additional offerings when making an employment decision. As a result, employers should be cognizant of creative ways of structuring a benefits package to attract and retain the best employees.

According to a recent article featured in Benefits Pro, a publication geared towards benefits brokers and managers, the advantages of adding a Direct Primary Care service like LevMed are numerous. "By considering direct primary care as a tool in benefits packages you can give your clients’ businesses a competitive edge in the hiring market and cut costs at the same time." This is because adding a DPC service can actually save an employer money in the long run, while improving employee health and well-being.

While offering a health insurance plan may be cost-prohibitive for small or mid-sized businesses, adding a DPC practice like LevMed may be a perfect solution.

"Research by the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM) shows that direct primary care costs an average of only $77 per patient per month, or $924 per year. In other words, it would take about a decade of direct primary care payments to equal just one average hospital visit. Because business owners pay the provider directly instead of going through their insurance company, they can also spend less than they would have if the employee had filed a claim for each PCP visit."

To learn more about adding LevMed to your business' benefits package, read the full article here.

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