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"A Breath of Fresh Air"

The reviews are in! LevMed is incredibly appreciative of members who have taken the time to share their experiences at LevMed. It's genuinely fulfilling to know that I am delivering the type of compassionate, thorough care that made me want to become a doctor in the first place.

Below are excerpts of selected reviews.


Bryan writes:

"I was referred to Dr. Levine when I was in desperate need of primary doc to monitor my health and had no insurance. As a true "glass is half empty" individual, I was skeptical . Within 10 minutes of sitting with Dr. Levine, I felt as if some just filled my glass a bit more. He is there to help!!!! He loves his work and opened this clinic so he could take the bureaucracy out of the doctor/patient relationship and concentrate on true PATIENT CARE.

He is there to answer questions and seek answers when no one else will. I have called on him many times with concerns and questions, even when he was out of the office. Without hesitation, he was incredibly quick to answer and follows up on your condition. Even when I went 'M.I.A.' for bit, he went out of his way to contact me. That is the sign of true medical professional that cares. His compassion for his work and patients is something that all doctors in this area should strive to achieve.

His pricing structure is amazingly affordable (seriously, a one month stipend won't cover just one visit to a walk in clinic) and will do whatever he can to avoid unnecessary costs and tests for someone that has limited resources. His office is easy to find, very clean and generates a warm environment. His model of care is what you SHOULD expect from a doctor. If I was able to give him 10 stars, I would. If you need a primary care physician (or even a one time visit) that is there for you in the speed of text message, makes you feel like your issues are important and truly wants to help."


Erin writes:

"The professionalism is incomparable but is also balanced by a warm, welcoming environment and comforting bedside manner. You also can't beat the convenience! I was feeling very ill at work today and gave him a call and was able to be seen immediately. In my many years I have never been made to feel so secure and prioritized in my medical treatment. LevMed comes highly recommended!"


We are building something special here. Join our family at LevMed today!

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