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Doctor + Patient = Health Care: It's That Simple

By now, most of us know that insurance does not equal health care. Instead, insurance often conjures up images of red tape, big companies, unexpected bills and co-pays. Doctors spend the majority of their day trying to navigate the complicated maze of insurance requirements. This isn't working well for doctors or patients.

Enter DPC. In a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, More doctors embrace membership fees, shunning health insurance, Direct Primary Care ("DPC") practices are attracting more and more doctors and patients alike due to the ability to operate without the constraints of insurance companies.

One DPC doctor described how her new practice works, "It’s going back to the way medicine used to be . . . this is the type of way I envisioned giving care.”

And patients are responding in turn. One DPC patient stated: “the peace of mind that it grants me is that I can contact him at any time with any problem or any concern,” Reiter said. “That’s a comfort that I had not known ever before in my life.”

Find out how DPC can work for you by signing up for LevMed Health today!

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