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What is DPC?

LevMed is a patient-focused Direct Primary Care (DPC) healthcare practice. DPC is a successful model emerging throughout the US. DPC works through a subscription-based service, and for a lower monthly fee than most gyms, you gain access to a variety of primary care services. 


​At LevMed, we're passionate about the patient. We put the patient first when making all decisions: taking away corporate interference in the doctor-patient relationship.  Because we cut out the "middleman," we're able to provide affordable, direct access to your physician. This means no extra costs associated with health insurance billing, codes, and reimbursement. Without this paperwork, we can bring you what you need: access to dedicated, knowledgeable physicians. 

  • High Deductibles

  • Long Wait Times

  • Insurance Hassles

  • Hidden Costs

Your health should be your primary focus, but too often, it is neglected because of: 

We should think about health insurance like car insurance. When we take our car in for maintenance, like an oil change or tire rotation, we don’t submit a claim to our insurance.


Why? Because preventative services that prevent future and more expensive complications

are more affordable (not to mention the hassle of submitting a claim for such a basic thing).


Primary care services should work the same way, and DPC is the most efficient vehicle to deliver those services. Yes, like car insurance, health insurance is important because accidents happen, but we all know health insurance is not a health care. DPC is a health care plan.  

For members with insurance LevMed recommends using insurance for more expensive health care needs like ER visits, specialist, and certain prescriptions. However, LevMed wants to educate its members that self pay options for services like labs and imaging are often much cheaper if they don't go through insurance. LevMed is negotiating with local labs and imaging centers to find the best self pay rates for you. 

Through this innovative model, DPC provides you with the regular maintenance your  body requires. Together, as a team, we will help elevate your health! 

Learn More About Membership Plans, Business Plans, and How to Contact Us!

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