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Pro DPC Bill Passes Senate, Paving The Way For More DPC Practices In Florida.

These days, Democrats and Republicans can't agree on anything, but Direct Primary Care (DPC) is one of the rare issues with bipartisan support. After recently passing the Florida House, and despite backlash from corporate insurance and hospital groups, the Florida Senate, (by a unanimous vote to 38-0!) just passed House Bill HB 37 (related Senate Bill S 80), that uncouples DPC from burdensome insurance requirements. The Bill amends the Florida Insurance Code to clarify that DPC agreements do not violate insurance regulations.

This makes sense because DPC is not insurance and these unnecessary regulations would purposely strangle a small primary care practice (their strategy). The Bill paves the way for more DPC practices to flourish in Florida and LevMed is proud to be a part of this movement. The future of primary care is happening now!

Read the bill and follow its progress as we await the Governor to sign:

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